Meganodes and Masternodes

balanced rewards

Proof of Stake coin

Stater is designed as a PoS (proof of stake) crypto currency with a strictly limited number of Meganodes and Masternodes available. Nodes are the backbone of the Stater network, establishing solidity while empowering decentralized governance by providing voting rights on things such as new features or future proposals. Voting rights are determined by the type of node held, for example – 1 Masternode has 1 vote, while 1 Meganode has 10 votes.

Rewards are balanced and divided among Masternodes, Meganodes (90%) and Governance (10%). Both types of nodes are limited to a maximum of 100 Meganodes and 1500 Masternodes at any given time.

To join the network, 1 Meganode requires 10,000 STAT and a private key while 1 Masternode requires 1,000 STAT and a private key. Should you sell the required Stater in the wallet neither the Masternode or Meganode will run on the network.

What differentiates the Meganodes and Masternodes are the rewards.

For the first decade (2018-2027) a Meganode reward is 15 STAT per day, while a Masternode reward is 1 STAT per day. Rewards are guaranteed and will decrease 50% automatically with every following decade.


Rewards on Stater


Rewards on Stater

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