is a platform dedicated to cryptocurrency users who are willing to sell their new and/or used products locally on a market style website.



P2P selling has grown exponentially over the last 3 years with nothing indicating this will change in the near future. If anything – further growth is to be expected. Instead of using fiat currencies for such transactions – it will be easier and safer to use Stater.

Statermarket users who would like to offer their products can easily list or update them online and set a Stater price.

A meeting using the encrypted chat function – initiated from either within the website or via the Stater app – can be used to arrange the exchange for Stater. Adjustments to the local currency on the day of payment can be instantly made via the app.


The platform is envisaged to be of great benefit for both parties. Those selling goods will acquire Stater, while those buying will have the security and benefit of using Stater without the need to exchange – and risk losing value – of their crypto currency into its fiat form.

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