The Team

Andy Psallidas
Founder, Project Manager
As an entrepreneur and early crypto investor with a strong financial background and 8 years worth of social media and e-commerce experience, the Stater project is Andy’s brainchild. Andy’s vision of a crypto market network sees him responsible for the overall planning and execution of the Stater project.
Sakis Makrigiannis
Co-founder, Web designer and developer
Sharing Andy’s vision, Sakis is in charge of the development of the Stater project. With 8 years of freelance web design and application development behind him, Sakis brings the experience of over 60 projects to the table.
Nick Chatzidakis
Software Engineer
In short - Nick is the mastermind behind the Stater coin - and it is his code that brings the coin to life. As a GNU/Linux enthusiast with 12 years of experience in C/C++ and Qt framework, Nick is responsible for the development of the overall Stater network and wallet.
Mike Michailidis
Developer, System Admin
Like all system administrators around the world, Mike’s focus and responsibility is for the upkeep, configuration and reliable operations of computer systems and also security hardening of all vital systems. Mike is also the Co-founder and technical manager of RM-Group with more than 800 projects completed.
Yannis Karathanos
Web Developer
Yannis is the project’s backend web developer with more than 5 years of PHP experience. Like most Stater team members, Yannis has participated in various web application projects.
Anthony Zachos
Android Developer
An an avid Java enthusiast and all round code geek, Anthony is in charge of the Android development of the Stater application. Anthony brings more than 5 years of C++ and Java goodness to the team.
Thanos Triantos
iOS Developer
Like Anthony, Thanos lives and breathes code. A freelancer with more than 6 years of experience in Objective C and swift, Thanos is responsible for the development of the iOS application for the Stater network
Constantine Katsioulas
Graphic Designer
It’s Constantine’s job to not only make the GUI look good, but function smoothly. Responsible for the ‘look and feel’ of the Stater GUI, Constantine brings over 6 years of experience in GUI design to the project.
Alex Munnik
Marketing Manager
Responsible for the development and execution of Stater’s marketing campaigns and overall strategy, Alex will use his experience of over 10 years as an e-commerce entrepreneur - and former senior business developer for a leading online retail company in the Benelux - to promote Stater on a global scale.
Veniamin Sirbu
Business Development
With his degree in International Economic relations and over 5 years of e-commerce sales, Veniamin is the experienced sales manager in charge of Stater’s business development.


David Philips
Q&A Test Manager
With over 15 years of professional software testing experience, David has made the delivery of quality software his goal since first becoming involved in mobile Telecommunications testing during Y2K. Educated at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (hons) degree in 1995 - David has worked in various countries on large Telecommunication projects. Now the test manager for a large New Zealand financial institution, it is his aim to ensure all Stater applications and platforms are free from critical software defects.
JJ v/d Hoek
Senior brand manager
With over 12 years of experience in the media and marketing industry, Jan Jaap brings a broad range of international expertise in all related disciplines.Educated in the Netherlands at the Utrecht School of the Arts - graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts and Economics, specializing in media management - Jan Jaap’s experience with PR, branding and global corporate partnerships is hugely beneficial to the project. As a firm proponent of the blockchain technology since 2015, his energy and enthusiasm ensures a committed focus to the success of Stater.
Theo Papadopoulos
Marketing Consultant
With over 17 years of experience in the printing and marketing industry, Theodore owned and operated the primary printing company behind the 2004 Athens Olympics. Educated at Hull University in England - graduating with a Bachelor of Business in 1998 - Theodore is currently the owner of a marketing consultancy business in the Balkans.

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